Hyde-Addison's Georgetown location is currently under renovation to expand facilities! While construction is underway, Hyde-Addison is temporarily located at 2501 11th St NW, which is the Meyer School building. 

Meyer was previously a DCPS school, but now serves as the district's swing space for schools under renovation. 

Hyde-Addison will be back in Georgetown for the 2019-20 school year. 

A School Improvement Team (SIT) will be established at every school where a major capital project (to include modernization, school replacement, addition, renovation) is scheduled. The SIT committee’s main focus is to provide feedback to DCPS in the finalization of the education specification and concept design. The committee will continue through the end of construction and will receive updates, consult on issues that arise during construction, and disseminate information to their peers and/or constituent groups.

The Hyde-Addison SIT will provide feedback as we evaluate the design of the addition. The DCPS Educational Specification consultant is in the process of preparing a campus-wide Educational Specification (Ed Spec). An Ed Spec outlines the programmatic and space requirements for a modernized building. A full campus Ed Spec was never written that combines the three different projects (Addison, Hyde, and the addition) and DCPS wants to make sure the project is being reviewed holistically. Reviewing the Ed Spec, current design, enrollment projections, and current programing in the Hyde and Addison buildings will help DCPS and the SIT determine if there are any deficiencies in the current design. This information will be reviewed with the SIT as the group begins to evaluate designs. Final programmatic and design decisions will be made by DCPS. Below are the latest project updates or you can click here to view the DCPS site.

Project Overview

School: Hyde-Addison Elementary School Modernization Project

Project Completion: Summer 2019

Architect: Shinberg Levinas

Contractor: MCN Build, LLC

DCPS Contact: Amanda Ou

Current Status: Construction began in Summer 2017. Students are at Meyer Elementary School for School Year 17-18 and School Year 18-19.

Budget: $42.1M