All Hyde-Addison families are a part of the Parent Teacher's Association (PTA). We are fortunate to have a wonderful group of parents and teachers dedicated to ensuring that our school provides an excellent academic environment and fosters a strong, inclusive community.

We welcome participation from any Hyde-Addison family and invite you to attend our school-wide events and meetings.  PTA meetings are open to the public.  We will schedule a regular monthly meeting soon. 

We need YOU!

Your participation and support are very important to the success of each event and program at our school. Volunteer today!  For more information, fill out this form.


Please email the PTA at


Current 2018-2019 Board Members.

Glen Hanson, Co-Treasurer -

Olivia Chase, Co-Treasurer and VP of Aftercare and Enrichment -

Rajanae Simpson, VP of Aftercare and Enrichment -

Laila Patrick, VP of Events -

Marie Connolly, Teacher Representative -

Katie Roth, Teacher Representative -