Hyde-Addison Elementary School

Hyde-Addison Elementary (2015)

Welcome to Hyde-Addison Elementary School

3219 O Street NW Washington, DC 20007

Who We Are

Hyde-Addison Elementary School provides education from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.

While part of the larger DC Public Schools system, we are a tightly-knit, diverse community with its own unique culture. We are committed to educating the “whole child,” supporting each and every student academically, emotionally and socially. When you walk into our school, you will feel welcomed, supported, and challenged to be your best self. Our leaders, teachers, staff, and families are all deeply invested in making this a place where students are happy to come every day, where they will grow, and where they will be prepared for higher education and their careers.

Hyde-Addison’s unique culture is reflected in our Vision, Mission, and Core Values:


We seek to empower our children to lead meaningful and purposeful lives.


Through rigorous, student-centered learning, we seek to inspire a diverse group of learners that creates positive, lasting change in the world.

Core Values

We seek to cultivate in our children and all members of our community the following values:

  • Kindness - Making others feel valued and wanting them to do well by showing care in your words, thoughts, and actions
  • Integrity - Owning your mistakes and choosing to do the right thing, even when difficult
  • Curiosity - Possessing the desire and willingness to wonder, experiment, and explore
  • Diversity - Acknowledging and accepting differences in order to celebrate them, best understand one another, and build trust
  • Perseverance - Working through a challenge and staying committed, even when difficult, in order to achieve a goal, grow, or improve in skill or character

The Chancellor's Vision

As members of the DCPS, we are proud adherents to Chancellor Kaya Henderson’s vision for the school system.  DCPS’ five-year strategic plan, A Capital Commitment, provides a roadmap for building DCPS into a high-quality, vibrant school district that earns the confidence of our community. The plan defines an overarching purpose as well as five goals that will guide DCPS’ work through 2017.

The DC Collaborative for Change

Hyde-Addison is a member of the DC Collaborative for Change (DC3), a group of nine District of Columbia public schools that are united by a shared vision, common values and purpose, and a commitment to realizing the infinite potential for learning among all our stakeholders.